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About lncRNome
lncRNome is a comprehensive searchable biologically oriented knowledgebase for long noncoding RNAs in Humans. The resource hosts information on over 17000 long noncoding RNAs in Human. The resource provides information on the types , chromosomal locations, description on the biological functions and disease associations of long noncoding RNAs. In addition, it provides access to datasets on protein-lncRNA interactions and genomic variations in lncRNA loci. The resource also provides a browsable interface for the datasets.

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Funding and Support

This resource has been funded by CSIR India through grant NWP0036 "Comparative Genomics and Biology of non-coding RNA"
The resource is hosted by the
CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB),and maintained by the Vinod Scaria Lab @ RNABiology. For more information, contact Ms Deeksha Bhartiya or Mr Koustav Pal.

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