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roundabout homolog 1


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GeneName Robo1
Aliases ENSDARG:ENSDARG00000026784
Description roundabout homolog 1
GenomicLocation chromosome 15 37504917-37792411 forward strand
ExternalIDs EMBL:BC163550; Entrez:30769; ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-000209-3; UniGene:11719
TranscriptID ENSDART:ENSDART00000097133; ENSDART:ENSDART00000076098; ENSDART:ENSDART00000034683; ENSDART:ENSDART00000126856; ENSDART:ENSDART00000097134
mRNA NCBI:NM_131481
GeneDescription Robo1 is a member of immunogflobulin gene superfamily which encodes for an integral memebrane protein. It is both an axon guidance receptor as well as a cell adhesion receptor. This receptor is involved in the decision by the axon to cross Central nervous system midline.
GeneFunction Challa et al., 2001 had identified and characterized two robo family member from zebrafish. They were named as robo1 and robo3. They had further shown that both are expressed dynamically in the developing nervous system in different patterns. They had reported that robo1 nervous system expression appears later in development and is restricted. Devine te al., 2008 identified the role for Robo family for axon guidance receptors in the proper positioning of longitudinally projecting axons along the dorsoventral axis in the embryonic zebrafish forebrain.They had further established that Robo family members exhibited complementary functions in the tract of the post-optic commissure. Robo1 along with Robo3 restricted the extent of defasciculation of the TPOC. They had also shown that the knockdown of Robo1 using morpholinos caused the abnormal spreading of longitudinal axon tracts in the forebrain.
GeneCloning This gene is contained in a clone MGC:195108 (Vector: pCR4-TOPO forward).
GeneStructure The gene encodes for 5 novel transcripts. The transcript ENSDART00000034683 consist of 29 exons and is 5004 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000038219) consist of 1,568 residues. The transcript ENSDART00000076098 consist of 33 exons and is 5073 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000070577) consist of 1591 residues. The transcript ENSDART00000126856 consist of 20 exons and is 2705 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000112419) consist of 839 residues. The transcript ENSDART00000097133 consist of 28 exons and is 5008 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000087906) consist of 1632 residues. The transcript ENSDART00000097134 consist of 29 exons and is 4,602 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000087907) consist of 1,533 residues.
Protein ENSDARP:ENSDARP00000087906; ENSDARP:ENSDARP00000070577; ENSDARP:ENSDARP00000038219; ENSDARP:ENSDARP00000112419; ENSDARP:ENSDARP00000087907;
ProteinDomainandFamilies InterPro:IPR003598; InterPro:IPR003961; InterPro:IPR007110; InterPro:IPR013098; InterPro:IPR013783;
Motifs Prosite:PS50835; Prosite:PS50853; PFAM:PF00041; PFAM:PF07679;
Expression ArrayExpress:ENSDARG00000026784
GeneOntology GO:0004872; GO:0007411; GO:0016021
Orthologs Entrez:6091;
VariationAndRepeats RSID:rs180107604; RSID:rs41150819; RSID:rs41117302; RSID:rs180107603; RSID:rs180107602; RSID:rs180107601; RSID:rs180107600; RSID:rs180107599; RSID:rs180107598; RSID:rs180107597; RSID:rs180107595; RSID:rs180107594; RSID:rs180107593; RSID:rs180107591; RSID:rs180107590; RSID:rs180107589; RSID:rs180107588; RSID:rs40921865; RSID:rs180107587; RSID:rs180107586; RSID:rs180107585; RSID:rs180107584; RSID:rs180107583; RSID:rs180107581; RSID:rs180107565; RSID:rs180107566; RSID:rs180107578; RSID:rs180107567; RSID:rs180107576; RSID:rs180107575; RSID:rs180107574; RSID:rs180107573; RSID:rs180107572; RSID:rs180107571; RSID:rs180107570; RSID:rs41235100; RSID:rs180107569; RSID:rs180107568; RSID:rs40647535; RSID:rs180107563; RSID:rs40835614; RSID:rs180107562; RSID:rs180107561; RSID:rs180107560; RSID:rs40708830; RSID:rs40883162; RSID:rs180107559; RSID:rs180107558; RSID:rs180107557; RSID:rs40998286; RSID:rs180107556; RSID:rs180107555; RSID:rs180107554; RSID:rs180107553
DisordersAndMutations Morpholinos MO1-robo1(5' - ATCCAATTATTCTCCCCGTCATCGT - 3') and MO2-robo1( 5' - CGCGTTTTAGATAGATGCTTGTGTA - 3') had been used against Robo1.
RelatedPubMedArticles Challa AK, Beattie CE, Seeger MA Identification and characterization of roundabout orthologs in zebrafish. Mech Dev. 2001 Mar;101(1-2):249-53. PMID:11231085 Devine CA, Key B. Robo-Slit interactions regulate longitudinal axon pathfinding in the embryonic vertebrate brain. Dev Biol. 2008 Jan 1;313(1):371-83. PMID:18061159 NCBI Resource Coordinators.: Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Nucleic Acids Res. 41(Database issue):D8-D20. 2013. PMID:23193264
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