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hairy-related 1


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GeneName her1
Aliases ENSDARG:ENSDARG00000014722; etID309753.5(1) , id:ibd5086
Description hairy-related 1
GenomicLocation chromosome 5 71693373-71700454 reverse strand
ExternalIDs Entrez:30287; UniGene:1462; ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-125;
TranscriptID ENSDART:ENSDART00000016307; ENSDART:ENSDART00000121426
mRNA NCBI:NM_131078
GeneDescription Her1 is a zebrafish hairy-E(spl) homologue that is expanded in a pair-rule like pattern within the presomitic mesoderm (Muller et al.,1996). This expression suggests a role for her1 in formation and/or differentiation of somites.
GeneFunction Gajewski et al., 2003 found that her1 is required to propagate the cyclic expression in the intermediate and anterior PSM. Reporter gene constructs with the her1 upstream sequence driving green fluorescent protein (GFP) expression show that separable regulatory regions can be identified that mediate expression in the posterior versus intermediate and anterior PSM. Lewis et al., 2003 descried that direct autorepression of her1 and her7 by their own protein products provides a mechanism for the intracellular oscillator, by mathematical simulation. They also described that through its coupling to her1/her7 expression, Notch signaling can keep the rapid oscillations in adjacent cells synchronized. Kawamura et al.,2005 showed that Her1 protein represses expression from its own promoter in a cell culture assay. He had also shown that Her13.2 augments autorepression of her1 in association with Her1 protein. Giudicelli et al ., 2007 described a negative feedback loop in somitogenesis, in which the products of two Notch target, her1 and her7, directly inhibit their own transcription, as well as that of the gene for the Nocth ligand DeltaC.
GeneCloning It is contained in the clones MGC:193878 (Vector: pCR4-TOPO reverse) and CH211-283H6 (Vector: pTARBAC2.1)
GeneStructure It codes for two transcripts. Transcript ENSDART00000016307 consists of 4 exons with the transcript length of 1780 bps. The protein product ENSDARP00000027076 of 328 residues. Transcript ENSDART00000121426 consists of 5 exons with the transcript length of 201 bps. The protein product ENSDARP00000107111 of 67 residues
Protein ENSDARP00000027076 ENSDARP00000107111
ProteinDomainandFamilies has domain InterPro:IPR011598; InterPro:IPR003650;
Motifs has motif Prosite:PS50888; Prosite:PS51054; PFAM:PF00010; PFAM:PF07527; UniProt:A3KQ56
Expression ArrayExpress:ENSDARG00000014722;
GeneOntology GO:0005634; GO:0005667; GO:0006355; GO:0045449; GO:0001756; GO:0045892; GO:0003677; GO:0030528; GO:0016564; GO:0046982;
Orthologs Entrez:84667;
VariationAndRepeats RSID:rs180173460; RSID:rs179670442; RSID:rs179670328; RSID:rs179670503; RSID:rs179670355; RSID:rs179670509; RSID:rs41193630; RSID:rs40806571; RSID:rs180173461; RSID:rs179670473; RSID:rs179670343; RSID:rs179670413; RSID:rs179670474; RSID:rs179670335; RSID:rs179670475; RSID:rs40877047; RSID:rs40763689; RSID:rs41227369; RSID:rs40686617; RSID:rs40613678; RSID:rs41087831; RSID:rs40722891; RSID:rs40904777; RSID:rs40981044; RSID:rs40755755; RSID:rs41218557; RSID:rs40738680; RSID:rs41196444; RSID:rs40862795; RSID:rs41147849; RSID:rs41127654; RSID:rs40635075; RSID:rs41055592; RSID:rs40679127; RSID:rs41099200; RSID:rs40665236; RSID:rs40635545; RSID:rs40635080; RSID:rs40635081; RSID:rs40682371; RSID:rs40903064; RSID:rs40665243; RSID:rs40664707; RSID:rs40635083; RSID:rs40665241; RSID:rs40665242; RSID:rs40664712; RSID:rs40634603; RSID:rs40635079; RSID:rs40634594; RSID:rs40634595; RSID:rs40614698; RSID:rs40987438; RSID:rs40641467; RSID:rs40915733; RSID:rs41144157; RSID:rs41028632; RSID:rs40841589; RSID:rs41029699; RSID:rs40815456; RSID:rs40664713; RSID:rs40852148; RSID:rs40665731; RSID:rs40603209; RSID:rs40665234; RSID:rs40878385; RSID:rs40967209; RSID:rs40665729; RSID:rs40665726; RSID:rs40634600; RSID:rs40664710; RSID:rs40665239; RSID:rs40665733; RSID:rs40867940; RSID:rs40666254; RSID:rs41215831; RSID:rs41091576; RSID:rs40791995; RSID:rs40665730; RSID:rs40665728; RSID:rs40664705; RSID:rs40634602; RSID:rs40635076; RSID:rs40755937; RSID:rs41208005; RSID:rs40856990; RSID:rs40709606; RSID:rs40665235; RSID:rs179670458; RSID:rs179670327; RSID:rs179670383; RSID:rs179670342; RSID:rs179670376; RSID:rs179670492; RSID:rs179670412; RSID:rs179670352; RSID:rs179670465; RSID:rs179670325; RSID:rs179670334; RSID:rs179670467; RSID:rs179670537; RSID:rs179670350; RSID:rs179670398; RSID:rs179670440; RSID:rs179670394; RSID:rs179670432; RSID:rs179670483; RSID:rs40864905; RSID:rs179670538; RSID:rs179670481; RSID:rs179670521; RSID:rs179670341; RSID:rs179670329; RSID:rs40768746; RSID:rs179670388; RSID:rs179670524; RSID:rs179670469; RSID:rs179670448; RSID:rs179670486; RSID:rs179670528; RSID:rs179670349; RSID:rs179670516; RSID:rs179670429; RSID:rs179670411; RSID:rs179670374; RSID:rs179670363; RSID:rs179670365; RSID:rs179670480; RSID:rs41218887; RSID:rs40747653; RSID:rs40710470; RSID:rs41115747; RSID:rs41204425; RSID:rs180173462; RSID:rs180173463;
RelatedPubMedArticles Giudicelli F, Ozbudak EM, Wright GJ, Lewis J.Setting the tempo in development: an investigation of the zebrafish somite clock mechanism. PLoS Biol. 2007 Jun;5(6):e150. PMID:17535112 Lewis J. Autoinhibition with transcriptional delay: a simple mechanism for the zebrafish somitogenesis oscillator.Curr Biol. 2003 Aug 19;13(16):1398-408. PMID:12932323 Gajewski M, Sieger D, Alt B, Leve C, Hans S, Wolff C, Rohr KB, Tautz D.Anterior and posterior waves of cyclic her1 gene expression are differentially regulated in the presomitic mesoderm of zebrafish. Development PMID:12900444 Sieger D, Ackermann B, Winkler C, Tautz D, Gajewski M.her1 and her13.2 are jointly required for somitic border specification along the entire axis of the fish embryo. Dev Biol. 2006 May 1;293(1):242-51. PMID:16545363 NCBI Resource Coordinators.: Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Nucleic Acids Res. 41(Database issue):D8-D20. 2013. PMID:23193264
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