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histone deacetylase 3

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GeneName hdac3
Aliases ENSDARG:ENSDARG00000037514; Histone deacetylase 3 (HD3).
Description histone deacetylase 3
GenomicLocation chromosome 14 12437128-12464078 forward strand
ExternalIDs Entrez:393965; EMBL:BC044543; UniGene:80607; ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-847;
TranscriptID ENSDART:ENSDART00000054626; ENSDART:ENSDART00000145250
mRNA NCBI:NM_200990
GeneDescription The protein encoded by hdac3 gene belongs to the histone deacetylase family. It has histone deacetylase activity and represses transcription.
GeneFunction Hdac3 gene encodes for a single transcript ENSDART00000054626 which consists of 15 exons with the transcript length of 2,050 bps. The protein product ENSDARP00000054625 consists of 428 residues.
GeneCloning The gene is contained in BAC clone CH211-194M19 (Vector: pTARBAC2.1).
GeneStructure Farooq et al. (2008) chemically inhibited hdac by valproic acid (VPA) which led to impaired liver development in Zebrafish mainly by inhibiting specification, budding, and differentiation. The liver defects induced by VPA correlated with suppressed total hdac enzymatic activity, but are independent of angiogenesis inhibition. Overexpression of hdac3 partially rescued VPA induced small liver.
Protein ENSDARP00000054625
ProteinDomainandFamilies has domain InterPro:IPR000286; InterPro:IPR003084;
Motifs has motif PFAM:PF00850; PRINTS:PR01270; PRINTS:PR01271;
Expression ArrayExpress:ENSDARG00000037514;
GeneOntology GO:0005634; GO:0016575; GO:0004407;

VariationAndRepeats RSID:rs40612016; RSID:rs40619147; RSID:rs40604669; RSID:rs40653466; RSID:rs40635178; RSID:rs40635181; RSID:rs40653469; RSID:rs40635182; RSID:rs41232398; RSID:rs40600840; RSID:rs180085312; RSID:rs40613435; RSID:rs40625903; RSID:rs40628295; RSID:rs40594043; RSID:rs41171011; RSID:rs40628307; RSID:rs40606056; RSID:rs40971783; RSID:rs40614116; RSID:rs40606778; RSID:rs41073027; RSID:rs41110268; RSID:rs40614590; RSID:rs40600247; RSID:rs40622325; RSID:rs40910177; RSID:rs40647886; RSID:rs41056691; RSID:rs40594130; RSID:rs40904010; RSID:rs40879933; RSID:rs40620448; RSID:rs40602136; RSID:rs40618669; RSID:rs40985743; RSID:rs40910600; RSID:rs40887078; RSID:rs40598494; RSID:rs41052136; RSID:rs40619167; RSID:rs40594758; RSID:rs40625666; RSID:rs40606416; RSID:rs40616945; RSID:rs40662278; RSID:rs40601996; RSID:rs40609069; RSID:rs40617294; RSID:rs40959964; RSID:rs41120118; RSID:rs40852510; RSID:rs40680798; RSID:rs41237438; RSID:rs41082445; RSID:rs40894972; RSID:rs40934193; RSID:rs40894454; RSID:rs40855242; RSID:rs41000502; RSID:rs40891469; RSID:rs40729328; RSID:rs41044661; RSID:rs41055718; RSID:rs40914522; RSID:rs41064379; RSID:rs40786312; RSID:rs40850647; RSID:rs40962304; RSID:rs40935974; RSID:rs41121292; RSID:rs40911593; RSID:rs40679771; RSID:rs41106431; RSID:rs40978820; RSID:rs40684794; RSID:rs41212668; RSID:rs40723469; RSID:rs40708312; RSID:rs40604966; RSID:rs40598918; RSID:rs40627040; RSID:rs40623087; RSID:rs40626140; RSID:rs40621325; RSID:rs40608454; RSID:rs40619045; RSID:rs40596230; RSID:rs40594756; RSID:rs40627504; RSID:rs40624585; RSID:rs40622510; RSID:rs40617775; RSID:rs40784227; RSID:rs40828290; RSID:rs41045809; RSID:rs40601878; RSID:rs40625085; RSID:rs40604873; RSID:rs40610947; RSID:rs40595286; RSID:rs40619513; RSID:rs40611124; RSID:rs40628970; RSID:rs40611280; RSID:rs40612702; RSID:rs40615032; RSID:rs40626997; RSID:rs40596748; RSID:rs40605116; RSID:rs40615552; RSID:rs40623899; RSID:rs40628944; RSID:rs40619992; RSID:rs40596901; RSID:rs40619007; RSID:rs40602522; RSID:rs40616099; RSID:rs40625049; RSID:rs40626350; RSID:rs40622738; RSID:rs40628193; RSID:rs40600000; RSID:rs40600880; RSID:rs40626875; RSID:rs40600954; RSID:rs40620395; RSID:rs40602998; RSID:rs40627166; RSID:rs40627135; RSID:rs40603185; RSID:rs40602669; RSID:rs40598428; RSID:rs40618473; RSID:rs40619270; RSID:rs40596780; RSID:rs40612707; RSID:rs40609198; RSID:rs40629251; RSID:rs40604497; RSID:rs40603052; RSID:rs40592203; RSID:rs40611141; RSID:rs40619534; RSID:rs40592603; RSID:rs40608373; RSID:rs40618339; RSID:rs40606797; RSID:rs40623138; RSID:rs40617901; RSID:rs40905887; RSID:rs40933491; RSID:rs40649053; RSID:rs40977549; RSID:rs41074965; RSID:rs40954483; RSID:rs41098639; RSID:rs41109998; RSID:rs40726734; RSID:rs41038016; RSID:rs41000250; RSID:rs40622106; RSID:rs40604337; RSID:rs40627860; RSID:rs40625160; RSID:rs40628802; RSID:rs40618794; RSID:rs40610998; RSID:rs40626314; RSID:rs40653467; RSID:rs40687169; RSID:rs40953435; RSID:rs40704185; RSID:rs40615814; RSID:rs40622311; RSID:rs40611217; RSID:rs40621932; RSID:rs40906499; RSID:rs40609077; RSID:rs40937188; RSID:rs40779494; RSID:rs40595961; RSID:rs40606768; RSID:rs40613120; RSID:rs40603995; RSID:rs40936714; RSID:rs40926501; RSID:rs40790741; RSID:rs40839619; RSID:rs40801619; RSID:rs41019242; RSID:rs40971151; RSID:rs41203053; RSID:rs40881130; RSID:rs41209842; RSID:rs41113923; RSID:rs40721404; RSID:rs41120085; RSID:rs40786629; RSID:rs41141148; RSID:rs40859424; RSID:rs40689721; RSID:rs40749080; RSID:rs40789877; RSID:rs40604014; RSID:rs40627725; RSID:rs40609984; RSID:rs40616744; RSID:rs40599045; RSID:rs40626132; RSID:rs40624521; RSID:rs40992015; RSID:rs40702096; RSID:rs41036325; RSID:rs40854831; RSID:rs40762114; RSID:rs41096882; RSID:rs40863152; RSID:rs41171247; RSID:rs41031693; RSID:rs40872719; RSID:rs40616654; RSID:rs40597504; RSID:rs41071501; RSID:rs40678501; RSID:rs40611247; RSID:rs40597418; RSID:rs40613268; RSID:rs40621163; RSID:rs40624372; RSID:rs40621488; RSID:rs40605236; RSID:rs40622759; RSID:rs40600892; RSID:rs40745281; RSID:rs40597633; RSID:rs41218252; RSID:rs40610993; RSID:rs40609157; RSID:rs40617452; RSID:rs40603795; RSID:rs40595812; RSID:rs40628538; RSID:rs40628903; RSID:rs40602982; RSID:rs41123535; RSID:rs40756602; RSID:rs40621816; RSID:rs40622037; RSID:rs40609969; RSID:rs40878348; RSID:rs40615700; RSID:rs40610068; RSID:rs40620000; RSID:rs40602380; RSID:rs40624792; RSID:rs41073796; RSID:rs40983602; RSID:rs41198336; RSID:rs40600574; RSID:rs40756928; RSID:rs40605437; RSID:rs40607526; RSID:rs40621497; RSID:rs40613884; RSID:rs40599721; RSID:rs40610000; RSID:rs40619817;
DisordersAndMutations Morpholinos MO1-hdac3 ( 5' - CATAGAAGTACGCAGTTCGATTGGT - 3') and MO2-hdac3 ( 5' - GCAGTTATTTCTAGCACGAGAAAC - 3') has been used to knock the hdac3 gene down.
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