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glucose phosphate isomerase a

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GeneName gpia
Aliases ENSDARG:ENSDARG00000012987; PGI; pgi-1; MGC86919; zgc:86919; wu:fc02c05
Description glucose phosphate isomerase a
GenomicLocation chromosome 25 37001059-37026441 forward strand
ExternalIDs Entrez:246094; EMBL:BC044450; UniGene:11244; ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020513-2;
TranscriptID ENSDART:ENSDART00000022437; ENSDART:ENSDART00000143249; ENSDART:ENSDART00000146242
mRNA NCBI:NM_144763
GeneDescription Gpia gene encodes for glucose-6-phosphate isomerase enzyme which catalyses the second step of glycolysis i.e. glucose-6-phosphate to fructose-6-phosphate. This enzyme also work as a molecular messenger, produced by the white blood cells in humans. They also act as growth regulators.
GeneFunction Kao et al. (2002), stated that the two regions of conserved amino acids, [LIVM]-GG-R-[FY]-S-[LIVM]-x-[ST]-A-[LIVM]-G and [FY]-DQ-x-G-V-E-x-x-K, documented as signature patterns for PGI are located, respectively, at positions of amino acids 270280 and 510520 in their alignment. They found a discrepancy in the signature pattern of zebrafish PGI. Instead of having a lysine (L) at the position of amino acid 276, the PGI of Zebrafish-1 has a proline (P) at that position. Thisse et al. (2004), described the expression of gpia gene in developing zebrafish. At 1-4 somites to 10-13 somite stage there is expression in somites. This expression continues till 14-19 somite stage. After this major chunk of expression takes place at 20-25 somite to prim-5 stage. At this stage the gene expresses in epiphysis, forebrain, tegmentum, hindbrain, cranial ganglia,retina inner cell layer, liver primordium and pectoral fin. The next set of expressions are observed at 5 dpf. But the information on 5dpf embryo is partial. At this stage expression is seen in retina (inner cell layer), brain, cranial ganglia, liver, intestinal bulb, intestine, swim bladder.
GeneCloning Gpia is contained in a BAC clone CH73-147D22 (Vector: pTARBAC2)
GeneStructure gpia gene encodes for three transcripts. Transcript ENSDART00000022437 consists of 18 exons with the transcript length of 2100 bps. The protein product ENSDARP00000009909 consists of 553 residues. Transcript ENSDART00000146242 consists of 5 exons with the transcript length of 587 bps. No protein product. Transcript ENSDART00000143249 consists of 2 exons with the transcript length of 320 bps. No protein product.
Protein ENSDARP00000009909
ProteinDomainandFamilies has domain InterPro:IPR023096; InterPro:IPR018189; InterPro:IPR001672;
Motifs has motif Prosite:PS51463; Prosite:PS00174; Prosite:PS00765; PFAM:PF00342; PRINTS:PR00662;
Expression ArrayExpress:ENSDARG00000012987;
GeneOntology GO:0006094; GO:0006096; GO:0004347; GO:0016853;
Orthologs Entrez:2821;
VariationAndRepeats RSID:rs41014800; RSID:rs41205448; RSID:rs179712844; RSID:rs179712889; RSID:rs179712910; RSID:rs179712903; RSID:rs179712885; RSID:rs179712895; RSID:rs179712827; RSID:rs179712837; RSID:rs179712882; RSID:rs179712894; RSID:rs179712891; RSID:rs179712842; RSID:rs179712877; RSID:rs40783570; RSID:rs179712888; RSID:rs179712884; RSID:rs179712869; RSID:rs179712825; RSID:rs179712832; RSID:rs179712864; RSID:rs179712893; RSID:rs179712907; RSID:rs179712879; RSID:rs179712839; RSID:rs179712821; RSID:rs179712847; RSID:rs179712806; RSID:rs179712787; RSID:rs179712818; RSID:rs179712791; RSID:rs179712850; RSID:rs179712830; RSID:rs179712857; RSID:rs179712904; RSID:rs179712851; RSID:rs179712833; RSID:rs179712815; RSID:rs179712794; RSID:rs179712878; RSID:rs179712858; RSID:rs179712873; RSID:rs179712849; RSID:rs40646544; RSID:rs179712853; RSID:rs179712817; RSID:rs179712899; RSID:rs179712805; RSID:rs179712835; RSID:rs179712861; RSID:rs179712872; RSID:rs179712867; RSID:rs40678793; RSID:rs179712870; RSID:rs179712860; RSID:rs179712816; RSID:rs179712795; RSID:rs179712865; RSID:rs179712796; RSID:rs179712900; RSID:rs179712863; RSID:rs179712828; RSID:rs179712906; RSID:rs179712875; RSID:rs179712848; RSID:rs179712793; RSID:rs179712804; RSID:rs179712862; RSID:rs179712887; RSID:rs179712871; RSID:rs179712831; RSID:rs179712810;

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