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collagen, type I

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GeneName col1a1
Aliases ENSDARG:ENSDARG00000012405; cb21, sb: cb21, sb:cb384, alpha1(I), wu:fa99c12, wu:fb02c06, col1a1
Description collagen, type I
GenomicLocation chromosome 3 23512288-23530699 forward strand
ExternalIDs Entrez:337158; EMBL:AY380817; UniGene:20097; ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9102;
TranscriptID ENSDART:ENSDART00000009393 ENSDART:ENSDART00000047010 ENSDART:ENSDART00000140586
mRNA NCBI:NM_199214
GeneDescription Zebrafish col1a1 has an human ortholog COL1A1. col1a1 is one of the three subunits of collagen protein.
GeneFunction Fisher et al., 2003 successfully characterized a zebrafish skeletal mutant as a model for human osteogenesis imperfecta. col1a1 is strongly expressed in the larval fin folds and in numerous bony skeletal elements during development. The group has shown that in chi mutants there is substitution of a glycine to aspertate which interrupts the conserved triplet repeat domain. Analysis of bone in chi mutant fish by electron microscopy has revealed defects in the collagenous matrix and accumulation of collagen fibrils in the endoplasmic reticulum of osteoblasts .
GeneCloning col1a1 was isolated from zebrafish whole embryo (72 hpf) , cloned in vector pCMV-SPORT6.1 in DH10B phagemid in the clone library NCI_CGAP_ZEmb3.( GI:171846459) source : Zebrafish Gene Collection
GeneStructure The gene encodes for three transcritps.Transcript (ENSDART00000009393) consist of51exons and is 5,797bps in length. The product (ENSDARP00000003177) Consist of 1447 residues. Transcript (ENSDART00000047010) consist of 52 exons and is 4,861bps in length. The product (ENSDARP00000047009) Consist of 1366 residues. Transcript (ENSDART00000140586) consist of 5 exons and is 697 bps in length. It does not code for any protein
Protein ENSDARP00000003177 ENSDARP00000047009
ProteinDomainandFamilies has domain InterPro:IPR008160; InterPro:IPR001007; InterPro:IPR000885;
Motifs has motif Prosite:PS01208; PFAM:PF00093; PFAM:PF01391; PFAM:PF01410; PRINTS:PR01845; PRINTS:PR01878;
Expression ArrayExpress:ENSDARG00000012405;
GeneOntology GO:0005737; GO:0005581; GO:0006817; GO:0030574; GO:0030278; GO:0005201;
Orthologs Gene:1277
VariationAndRepeats RSID:rs41171904; RSID:rs41171904; RSID:rs40969062; RSID:rs40969062; RSID:rs41075098; RSID:rs41075098; RSID:rs41025812; RSID:rs41025812; RSID:rs40981609; RSID:rs40981609; RSID:rs40866764; RSID:rs40866764; RSID:rs40771828; RSID:rs40771828; RSID:rs40870559; RSID:rs40870559; RSID:rs40908477; RSID:rs40908477; RSID:rs41163511; RSID:rs41163511; RSID:rs41175659; RSID:rs41175659; RSID:rs40804268; RSID:rs40804268; RSID:rs41086275; RSID:rs41086275; RSID:rs40887439; RSID:rs40887439; RSID:rs40730519; RSID:rs40730519; RSID:rs40921499; RSID:rs40921499; RSID:rs40772942; RSID:rs40772942; RSID:rs40767464; RSID:rs40767464; RSID:rs41192436; RSID:rs41192436; RSID:rs40911085; RSID:rs40911085; RSID:rs40895027; RSID:rs40895027; RSID:rs41017474; RSID:rs41017474; RSID:rs40696612; RSID:rs40696612; RSID:rs41110014; RSID:rs41110014; RSID:rs40956112; RSID:rs40956112; RSID:rs40714551; RSID:rs40714551; RSID:rs41202982; RSID:rs41202982; RSID:rs40634477; RSID:rs40634477; RSID:rs40921592; RSID:rs40921592; RSID:rs40920741; RSID:rs40920741; RSID:rs40680477; RSID:rs40680477; RSID:rs40908239; RSID:rs40908239; RSID:rs40797570; RSID:rs40797570; RSID:rs41077336; RSID:rs41077336; RSID:rs41049705; RSID:rs41049705; RSID:rs41104898; RSID:rs41104898; RSID:rs40825772; RSID:rs40825772; RSID:rs40959990; RSID:rs40959990; RSID:rs41126944; RSID:rs41126944; RSID:rs40691110; RSID:rs40691110; RSID:rs41197411; RSID:rs41197411; RSID:rs41195228; RSID:rs41195228; RSID:rs40694807; RSID:rs40694807; RSID:rs41212894; RSID:rs41212894; RSID:rs40807070; RSID:rs40807070; RSID:rs40874228; RSID:rs40874228; RSID:rs41227939; RSID:rs41227939; RSID:rs41180279; RSID:rs41180279; RSID:rs40798889; RSID:rs40798889; RSID:rs41160439; RSID:rs41160439; RSID:rs41063016; RSID:rs41063016; RSID:rs40710280; RSID:rs40710280; RSID:rs40824481; RSID:rs40824481; RSID:rs41205802; RSID:rs41205802; RSID:rs40857382; RSID:rs40857382; RSID:rs41056121; RSID:rs41056121; RSID:rs40954887; RSID:rs40954887; RSID:rs40780941; RSID:rs40780941; RSID:rs40875922; RSID:rs40875922; RSID:rs41229019; RSID:rs41229019; RSID:rs40963812; RSID:rs40963812; RSID:rs41185393; RSID:rs41185393; RSID:rs40750099; RSID:rs40750099; RSID:rs41161706; RSID:rs41161706; RSID:rs41150768; RSID:rs41150768; RSID:rs41150768; RSID:rs41051026; RSID:rs41051026; RSID:rs41051026; RSID:rs40958150; RSID:rs40958150; RSID:rs40958150; RSID:rs41128394; RSID:rs41128394; RSID:rs41128394; RSID:rs40612213; RSID:rs40612213; RSID:rs40612213; RSID:rs41245617; RSID:rs41245617; RSID:rs41245617; RSID:rs40750589; RSID:rs40750589; RSID:rs40750589; RSID:rs40813669; RSID:rs40813669; RSID:rs40813669; RSID:rs40829612; RSID:rs40829612; RSID:rs40829612; RSID:rs40986002; RSID:rs40986002; RSID:rs40986002; RSID:rs40746514; RSID:rs40746514; RSID:rs40746514; RSID:rs40860431; RSID:rs40860431; RSID:rs40860431; RSID:rs41064850; RSID:rs41064850; RSID:rs41064850; RSID:rs41074275; RSID:rs41074275; RSID:rs41074275; RSID:rs41238658; RSID:rs41238658; RSID:rs41238658; RSID:rs40979917; RSID:rs40979917; RSID:rs40979917; RSID:rs41042587; RSID:rs41042587; RSID:rs41042587; RSID:rs41086236; RSID:rs41086236; RSID:rs41086236; RSID:rs40858508; RSID:rs40858508; RSID:rs40858508; RSID:rs41003305; RSID:rs41003305; RSID:rs41003305; RSID:rs40693490; RSID:rs40693490; RSID:rs40693490; RSID:rs41055999; RSID:rs41055999; RSID:rs41055999; RSID:rs41125863; RSID:rs41125863; RSID:rs41125863; RSID:rs41124362; RSID:rs41124362; RSID:rs41124362; RSID:rs40820268; RSID:rs40820268; RSID:rs40820268; RSID:rs41070283; RSID:rs41070283; RSID:rs41070283

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