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bromodomain-containing 2a

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GeneName brd2a
Aliases ENSDARG:ENSDARG00000022280; brd2; ring3; fi85h05; wu:fi85h05; brd2a
Description bromodomain-containing 2a
GenomicLocation chromosome 19 7775502-7793210 forward strand
ExternalIDs Entrez:30445; EMBL:BC045866; UniGene:75177; ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-248
TranscriptID ENSDART:ENSDART00000035967; ENSDART:ENSDART00000128438; ENSDART:ENSDART00000080348; ENSDART:ENSDART00000152077; ENSDART:ENSDART00000139402;
mRNA NCBI:NM_131200
GeneDescription Brd2 belongs to the bromodomain-extraterminal domain (BET) family of transcriptional coregulators, and functions as a pivotal histone-directed recruitment scaffold in chromatin modification complexes affecting signal-dependent transcription.
GeneFunction Palti et al. (2006) sequenced a BAC contig for the trout ABCB2 region. They analyzed the region and revealed its homologous nature to human class II (ABCB2, BRD2, cDAA), extended class II (RGL2, PHF1, SYGP1) and class III (PBX2, Notch-L) regions. They used Brd2 expression as a positive control for RT PCR analysis. The trout BRD2 paralog identified by them is the likely homolog of the zebrafish BRD2-L gene that was then mapped to zebrafish Chr.9. Dibenedetto et al. (2008) described two sets of brd2 paralogous sequences in zebrafish, located on chromosomes 19 and 16.By sequence similarity, syntenic and phylogenetic analyses, they presented the evidence for structural divergence of brd2 after gene duplication in fishes.brd2 paralogs showed potential for modular domain combinations, and exhibited distinct RNA expression patterns throughout development.RNA in situ hybridizations in oocytes and embryos implicated brd2a and brd2b as maternal effect genes involved in egg polarity and egg to embryo transition, and as zygotic genes important for development of the vertebrate nervous system and for morphogenesis and differentiation of the digestive tract.
GeneCloning Takami et al. (1997) identified, cloned and sequenced the LMP, TAP2 and RING3 genes of the zebrafish. They have identified the variants of these genes and used them in a segregation analysis of haploid embryos derived from heterozygous mothers. The analysis revealed the close linking of LMP2, LMP7, TAP72, and RING3 loci. In zebrafish they confirmed the non lineage between class I and class II regions, suggesting the LMP/TAP/RING3 genes to be clustered with the class I genes on a chromosome that does not contain any class II genes.
GeneStructure This gene encodes for five transcripts.The transcript ENSDART00000035967 consists of 12 exons and is 4000 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000038787) consists of 836 residues.The novel transcript ENSDART00000128438 consists of 15 exons and is 2322 bps in length. The protein product (ENSDARP00000109295) consists of 773 residues.The novel transcript ENSDART00000080348 consists of 5 exons and is 839 bps in length. No protein productThe novel transcript ENSDART00000152077 consists of 1 exon and is 1199 bps in length. No protein productThe novel transcript ENSDART00000139402 consists of 2 exons and is 649 bps in length. No protein product
Protein ENSDARP00000038787ENSDARP00000109295
ProteinDomainandFamilies has domain InterPro:IPR001487; InterPro:IPR018359
Motifs has motif Prosite:PS00633; PFAM:PF00439; PRINTS:PR00503;
Expression ArrayExpress:ENSDARG00000022280;
GeneOntology GO:0005575; GO:0003674;
Orthologs Entrez:6046;
VariationAndRepeats RSID:rs180079697; RSID:rs180079698; RSID:rs180079698; RSID:rs180079698; RSID:rs180079698; RSID:rs41124980; RSID:rs41124980; RSID:rs41124980; RSID:rs41124980; RSID:rs41173028; RSID:rs41173028; RSID:rs41173028; RSID:rs41173028; RSID:rs40642554; RSID:rs40642554; RSID:rs40642554; RSID:rs40642554; RSID:rs41081093; RSID:rs41081093; RSID:rs41081093; RSID:rs41081093; RSID:rs41229475; RSID:rs41229475; RSID:rs41229475; RSID:rs41229475; RSID:rs41000838; RSID:rs41000838; RSID:rs41000838; RSID:rs41000838; RSID:rs41122189; RSID:rs41122189; RSID:rs41122189; RSID:rs41122189; RSID:rs3728962; RSID:rs3728962; RSID:rs3728962; RSID:rs3728962; RSID:rs41085448; RSID:rs41085448; RSID:rs41085448; RSID:rs41085448; RSID:rs41085448; RSID:rs179370890; RSID:rs179370890; RSID:rs179370890; RSID:rs179370890; RSID:rs179370890; RSID:rs40668445; RSID:rs40668445; RSID:rs40668445; RSID:rs40668445; RSID:rs40668445; RSID:rs40673472; RSID:rs40673472; RSID:rs40673472; RSID:rs40673472; RSID:rs40673472; RSID:rs40938659; RSID:rs40938659; RSID:rs40938659; RSID:rs40938659; RSID:rs40938659; RSID:rs41015163; RSID:rs41015163; RSID:rs41015163; RSID:rs41015163; RSID:rs41015163; RSID:rs40700711; RSID:rs40700711; RSID:rs40700711; RSID:rs40700711; RSID:rs40700711; RSID:rs180079699; RSID:rs180079699; RSID:rs180079699; RSID:rs180079699; RSID:rs180079699; RSID:rs40736506; RSID:rs40736506; RSID:rs40736506; RSID:rs40736506; RSID:rs40736506; RSID:rs40916041; RSID:rs40916041; RSID:rs40916041; RSID:rs40916041; RSID:rs40916041; RSID:rs40712632; RSID:rs40712632; RSID:rs40712632; RSID:rs40712632; RSID:rs40712632; RSID:rs40853522; RSID:rs40853522; RSID:rs40853522; RSID:rs40853522; RSID:rs40853522; RSID:rs41202452; RSID:rs41202452; RSID:rs41202452; RSID:rs41202452; RSID:rs41202452; RSID:rs41173335; RSID:rs41173335; RSID:rs41173335; RSID:rs41173335; RSID:rs41173335; RSID:rs180079700; RSID:rs180079700; RSID:rs180079700; RSID:rs180079700; RSID:rs180079700; RSID:rs41213384; RSID:rs41213384; RSID:rs41213384; RSID:rs41213384; RSID:rs180079701; RSID:rs180079701; RSID:rs180079701; RSID:rs180079701; RSID:rs41217774; RSID:rs41217774; RSID:rs41217774; RSID:rs41217774; RSID:rs41105591; RSID:rs41105591; RSID:rs41105591; RSID:rs41056229; RSID:rs41056229; RSID:rs41056229; RSID:rs40742714; RSID:rs40742714; RSID:rs40742714; RSID:rs40789405; RSID:rs40789405; RSID:rs40789405; RSID:rs40683016; RSID:rs40683016; RSID:rs40683016; RSID:rs40672318; RSID:rs40672318; RSID:rs40672318; RSID:rs41205332; RSID:rs41205332; RSID:rs41205332; RSID:rs40729492; RSID:rs40729492; RSID:rs40729492; RSID:rs40819543; RSID:rs40819543; RSID:rs40819543; RSID:rs40965309; RSID:rs40965309; RSID:rs40965309; RSID:rs40790312; RSID:rs40790312; RSID:rs40790312; RSID:rs40798901; RSID:rs40798901; RSID:rs40798901; RSID:rs41203412; RSID:rs41203412; RSID:rs41203412; RSID:rs41074665; RSID:rs41074665; RSID:rs41074665; RSID:rs40727330; RSID:rs40727330; RSID:rs40727330; RSID:rs40922417; RSID:rs40922417; RSID:rs40922417; RSID:rs41114609; RSID:rs41114609; RSID:rs41114609; RSID:rs40816311; RSID:rs40816311; RSID:rs40816311; RSID:rs40807837; RSID:rs40807837; RSID:rs40807837; RSID:rs41148613; RSID:rs41148613; RSID:rs41148613; RSID:rs40994345; RSID:rs40994345; RSID:rs40994345; RSID:rs40948601; RSID:rs40948601; RSID:rs40948601; RSID:rs40719075; RSID:rs40719075; RSID:rs40719075; RSID:rs41154496; RSID:rs41154496; RSID:rs41154496; RSID:rs41175429; RSID:rs41175429; RSID:rs41175429; RSID:rs40864376; RSID:rs40864376; RSID:rs40864376; RSID:rs40902532; RSID:rs40902532; RSID:rs40902532; RSID:rs41069052; RSID:rs41069052; RSID:rs41069052; RSID:rs41211195; RSID:rs41211195; RSID:rs41211195; RSID:rs40820229; RSID:rs40820229; RSID:rs40820229; RSID:rs40871246; RSID:rs40871246; RSID:rs40871246; RSID:rs40712813; RSID:rs40712813; RSID:rs40712813; RSID:rs40910060; RSID:rs40910060; RSID:rs40910060; RSID:rs40953107; RSID:rs40953107; RSID:rs40953107; RSID:rs41009519; RSID:rs41009519; RSID:rs41009519; RSID:rs40850728; RSID:rs40850728; RSID:rs40850728; RSID:rs40795530; RSID:rs40795530; RSID:rs40795530; RSID:rs41218961; RSID:rs41218961; RSID:rs41043983; RSID:rs41043983; RSID:rs40873237; RSID:rs40873237; RSID:rs41048693; RSID:rs41048693; RSID:rs41093785; RSID:rs41093785; RSID:rs40980184; RSID:rs40980184; RSID:rs41178914; RSID:rs41178914; RSID:rs40605732; RSID:rs40605732; RSID:rs40872264; RSID:rs40872264; RSID:rs41128928; RSID:rs41128928; RSID:rs40844596; RSID:rs40844596; RSID:rs40607435; RSID:rs40607435; RSID:rs40898984; RSID:rs40898984; RSID:rs40694561; RSID:rs40694561; RSID:rs41229822; RSID:rs41229822; RSID:rs40694796; RSID:rs40694796; RSID:rs40855269; RSID:rs40855269; RSID:rs41108274; RSID:rs41108274; RSID:rs40937771; RSID:rs40937771; RSID:rs180079703; RSID:rs180079703; RSID:rs40886980; RSID:rs40886980; RSID:rs180079704; RSID:rs180079704; RSID:rs40838021
DisordersAndMutations Putative in vivo trap mutant. pGBT-RP2.1 integration in the brd2b gene.It shows an RFP expression in brain
RelatedPubMedArticles Takami K, Zaleska-Rutczynska Z, Figueroa F, Klein J. Linkage of LMP, TAP, and RING3 with Mhc class I rather than class II genes in the zebrafish. J Immunol. 1997 Dec 15;159(12):6052-60. PMID:9550404 . Palti, Y.; Rodriguez, M. F.; Gahr, S. A.; Hansen, J. D.: Evolutionary history of the ABCB2 genomic region in teleosts. Dev Comp Immunol. 2007;31(5):483-98. Epub 2006 Sep 20. PMID:17055577 . Dibenedetto, A. J.; Guinto, J. B.; Ebert, T. D.; Bee, K. J.; Schmidt, M. M.; Jackman, T. R.: Zebrafish brd2a and brd2b are paralogous members of the bromodomain-ET (BET) family of transcriptional coregulators that show structural and expression divergence. BMC Dev Biol. 2008 Apr 10;8:39. PMID:18402692 . NCBI Resource Coordinators.: Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Nucleic Acids Res. 41(Database issue):D8-D20. 2013. PMID:23193264
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