Predicted ORFs


Transcript Name: elavl4ia
Type: Intronic
Genomic Location: chr8:16581571-16583810
Nearest Gene: elavl4 (NM_001244600)


Expression Information

log10FPKM values for lncRNA in different stages
  2-4 cell 1-K cell Dome Shield Bud 1 dpf 2 dpf 3 dpf 5 dpf Adult Heart Blood Brain Kidney Liver
log10FPKM values 0.17 0.36 0.09 -0.47 -0.78 -0.23 0.38 -0.58 1.27 0.47 0 0 0.63 0 0

Mutant Information

ChromosomeMutant PositionZFIN ID

No retroviral insertion mapping detected

Predicted Open Reading Frames


Variant Information

Variant PositionrsIDReferenceAlternate
16581608 rs41123772 T A
16581665 rs40934394 G A


lncRNA has been predicted by:

Pauli A, Valen E, Lin MF, Garber M, Vastenhouw NL, Levin JZ, Fan L, Sandelin A, Rinn JL, Regev A, Schier AF
Systematic identification of long noncoding RNAs expressed during zebrafish embryogenesis.
Genome Research (2012) 22:577-591
PMID: 22110045

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