Predicted ORFs


Transcript Name: lnc1_zgc:165515
Type: lincRNA
Genomic Location: chr4:59167446-59169605
Nearest Gene: zgc:165515 (NM_001099227)


Expression Information

log10FPKM values for lncRNA in different stages
  2-4 cell 1-K cell Dome Shield Bud 1 dpf 2 dpf 3 dpf 5 dpf Adult Heart Blood Brain Kidney Liver
log10FPKM values 0.19 0.54 1.4 1.21 1.58 1.08 1.42 0.25 1.43 0.96 1.06 0.79 1.55 1.1 1.69

Mutant Information

ChromosomeMutant PositionZFIN ID

No retroviral insertion mapping detected

Predicted Open Reading Frames


Variant Information

Variant PositionrsIDReferenceAlternate

No variation reported in dbSNP within this genomic loci


lncRNA has been predicted by:

Ulitsky I, Shkumatava A, Jan CH, Sive H, Bartel DP
Conserved function of lincRNAs in vertebrate embryonic development despite rapid sequence evolution.
Cell(2011) 147: 1537-1550

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