Predicted ORFs


Transcript Name: hoxb3aia2
Type: Intronic
Genomic Location: chr3:24031591-24035520
Nearest Gene: hoxb3a (NM_131117)


Expression Information

log10FPKM values for lncRNA in different stages
  2-4 cell 1-K cell Dome Shield Bud 1 dpf 2 dpf 3 dpf 5 dpf Adult Heart Blood Brain Kidney Liver
log10FPKM values 0.19 0.65 -5.53 -0.85 1.04 1.35 1.74 1.17 1.42 0.44 0.43 0.23 0.85 0.65 1.29

Mutant Information

ChromosomeMutant PositionZFIN ID
chr3 24033639 la011402

Predicted Open Reading Frames


Variant Information

Variant PositionrsIDReferenceAlternate
24032548 rs179504676 T A
24033208 rs40690075 G C
24033305 rs40769484 CT C


lncRNA has been predicted by:

Ulitsky I, Shkumatava A, Jan CH, Sive H, Bartel DP
Conserved function of lincRNAs in vertebrate embryonic development despite rapid sequence evolution.
Cell(2011) 147: 1537-1550

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